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Palmetto is a variant of St. Augustine grass, notable for its superior shade tolerance and ability to thrive in a variety of conditions. It’s a versatile and dense-growing warm-season grass with a fine texture and soft feel, presenting an appealing emerald-green hue throughout most of the year.

  • Texture & Appearance: Palmetto grass is characterized by its finely textured blades, which are softer and narrower compared to the typical St. Augustine grass. The deep emerald green color remains consistent in various weather conditions, often maintaining its green longer into the fall.
  • Growth Habit: Like other St. Augustine grasses, Palmetto spreads via stolons, establishing a dense turf that naturally resists weeds and bare spots.
  • Sunlight Requirements: While Palmetto is renowned for its shade tolerance, it flourishes in both sun and shade. It can thrive in areas where other turfgrass varieties might struggle due to inconsistent sunlight.
  • Water Needs: Palmetto is relatively drought-tolerant but benefits from regular watering, especially in prolonged dry spells. When establishing new sod, frequent watering is necessary.
  • Soil Preferences: Adaptable to various soil conditions, Palmetto performs best in well-draining soils and can handle slightly acidic to neutral pH levels.
  • Maintenance: Palmetto requires moderate maintenance, with regular mowing during its active growing season. The grass is responsive to fertilization, and periodic feedings can help maintain its lush appearance.
  • Pest & Disease: Palmetto demonstrates a good resistance to many common turf pests and diseases, though it’s not entirely immune. Regular monitoring can help catch any potential issues like chinch bugs or fungal infestations early.

Palmetto sod stands out for its adaptability and aesthetic appeal. Whether installed in sun-drenched landscapes or shaded gardens, its consistent color and growth make it a preferred choice for homeowners and landscapers looking for both beauty and resilience. Its softer texture also makes it a comfortable choice for areas of play and relaxation.

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