Green Buttonwood Tree


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The Green Buttonwood Tree is a salt-tolerant and resilient tree native to the coastal areas of southern Florida, the Caribbean, and parts of Central and South America. Known for its hardiness in coastal and challenging environments, this tree is a frequent choice for landscaping in seaside regions. With a moderate growth rate, the Green Buttonwood Tree can reach heights between 15 to 20 feet, though it often remains smaller when pruned as a shrub or hedge. This tree thrives in full sun, which encourages dense foliage and robust health. It can tolerate partial shade but flourishes best with ample sunlight. While the Green Buttonwood is known for its drought tolerance once established, regular watering during its early growth stages will promote a healthy root system. One of the Green Buttonwood’s standout features is its high salt tolerance, making it an excellent choice for coastal landscapes. Its wood is hard and resistant, and the tree can effectively serve as a windbreak or screen. Additionally, its attractive bark, which can peel in thin strips, adds textural interest to the landscape. It’s important to note that while it’s resistant to most pests and diseases, occasional checks for pests, especially in stressed trees, can be beneficial. Whether sculpted as a formal hedge or allowed to grow into its natural picturesque shape, the Green Buttonwood Tree is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Its ability to withstand the rigors of coastal environments, combined with its attractive appearance, makes it a valuable addition to landscapes, particularly in subtropical and tropical regions.

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