Silver Buttonwood Tree


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The Silver Buttonwood Tree is a captivating variety of the Buttonwood family, acclaimed for its silvery-gray foliage which provides a unique texture and hue to landscapes. Often found in coastal areas, this tree is especially prized for its resilience to salty environments, making it a prime choice for seaside gardens and landscapes. Displaying a moderate growth rate, the Silver Buttonwood can reach heights of 15-20 feet when allowed to grow as a tree, though many gardeners choose to maintain it as a smaller shrub through regular pruning. Flourishing in full sunlight, the Silver Buttonwood’s unique foliage color is best expressed under bright conditions. It can tolerate partial shade, but its signature silvery hue may become less pronounced. While the Silver Buttonwood is notably drought-resistant once established, it appreciates consistent moisture during its early growth stages. It’s adaptable to various soil conditions, but, as with its green counterpart, prefers well-draining soil. The tree’s standout feature is its felt-like, silver-gray leaves, offering a cooling visual in warmer climates. Furthermore, the Silver Buttonwood is highly salt-tolerant, making it an ideal choice for landscapes exposed to salty sea breezes. Its bark, which peels in attractive thin strips, adds another layer of textural interest. Periodic inspections for pests and diseases, especially in stressful conditions, can be beneficial for maintaining the tree’s health. Whether sculpted into formal hedges, utilized as a windbreak, or left to grow naturally, the Silver Buttonwood Tree stands as both a resilient and visually refreshing addition to a range of landscapes. Its unique coloring and hardy nature combine to make it a valuable asset, especially in coastal and subtropical settings.

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