Ixora Taiwanese


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Product images are for reference; the delivered plant will look different depending on the gallon chosen. Height estimates are overall. Ball of Ground price is starting from and depends on height. Ball of Ground heights are estimates; call to know sizes we have available.

A radiant and prolific bloomer, the Ixora plant, often referred to as the “Flame of the Woods” or “Jungle Geranium,” is native to tropical regions in Asia. With its clusters of star-shaped flowers, it’s a celebrated addition to many gardens and landscapes in warmer climates. The Ixora has a moderate growth rate and typically matures to a height of 4-6 feet, though some varieties can reach up to 12 feet. Ixora thrives best in full sunlight, which encourages a profusion of blooms. It can manage in partial shade, but a sunnier spot will result in more vibrant flowering. The plant prefers consistently moist soil but doesn’t like to be waterlogged. It’s essential to water the Ixora regularly, especially in dry conditions, but ensure that the soil has good drainage to prevent root rot. Ixora plants prefer slightly acidic soils, so consider amending the soil with organic matter or using a fertilizer designed for acid-loving plants to maintain vibrant blooms. They also enjoy high humidity, making them well-suited for tropical climates. The Ixora plant’s brilliant clusters of red, orange, yellow, or pink flowers make it a focal point in any garden. It can be cultivated as a standalone shrub, a hedge, or even in pots, and its year-round blooming nature ensures that gardens remain vibrant and colorful for extended periods.

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