Robellini Palm


Product images are for reference; the delivered plant will look different depending on the gallon chosen. Height estimates are overall. Ball of Ground price is starting from and depends on height. Ball of Ground heights are estimates; call to know sizes we have available.

Often referred to as the “Pygmy Date Palm” or “Dwarf Date Palm,” the Robellini Palm is cherished for its elegant, feathery fronds and compact stature. Native to southeastern Asia, particularly Laos and Vietnam, this palm tree adds a touch of tropical sophistication to various settings, from gardens to interiors. The Robellini Palm is characterized by its slow growth rate. Typically, it reaches a manageable height of 6-10 feet, making it an excellent choice for those with limited space or seeking an indoor palm. It appreciates bright, indirect sunlight. When placed outdoors, the Robellini Palm can tolerate direct sunlight, but it’s advisable to acclimate it gradually to prevent sunburn on the leaves. If grown indoors, it should be positioned near a bright window, but away from direct sun rays. This palm prefers consistent moisture but will forgive the occasional missed watering. Its graceful form, combined with its adaptability to pot culture, makes the Robellini Palm a popular choice for interior decor, patios, and small garden spaces. Whether it’s showcased as a standalone specimen or grouped for a clustered effect, this palm invariably adds a refined tropical ambiance.

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