Spindle Palm


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Hailing from the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean, the Spindle Palm is a notable tropical palm, easily recognized by its distinctive swollen trunk that resembles a spindle. This mid-sized palm, with its feathery fronds and unique silhouette, offers a striking focal point in tropical and subtropical gardens. Spindle Palm has a moderate growth rate and, over time, can reach heights of 20-25 feet, though it is often shorter in many cultivated scenarios. Preferring full to partial sunlight, the Spindle Palm thrives best when given ample light. However, it can benefit from some afternoon shade in extremely hot climates. While it appreciates regular watering during its younger years, the Spindle Palm becomes more drought-tolerant as it matures. The palm’s most distinctive feature is its swollen central trunk, which gives it its common name. Above this spindle-shaped trunk, the palm carries a crown of arching, feather-like fronds that are bright green in color. As the palm matures, it might produce small, white flowers followed by orange-red fruits. Due to its tropical nature, the Spindle Palm is sensitive to frost and should be protected during cooler temperatures. The Spindle Palm, with its unique appearance and stature, is an ideal choice for landscapes where a tropical touch is desired. Whether planted as a standalone specimen or in groups, its distinct shape and elegant fronds ensure that it remains a conversation starter in any garden setting.

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