Fishtail Palm


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Product images are for reference; the delivered plant will look different depending on the gallon chosen. Height estimates are overall. Ball of Ground price is starting from and depends on height. Ball of Ground heights are estimates; call to know sizes we have available.

The Fishtail Palm, so named because of its unique leaf design reminiscent of a fish’s tail, is an elegant palm variety that adds a touch of the tropics wherever it’s planted. Native to Southeast Asia and parts of the Indian subcontinent, this palm graces landscapes and indoor spaces alike with its distinctive, feathered fronds. The Fishtail Palm can grow at a moderate to fast pace under ideal conditions. In natural settings, it can reach heights of up to 20-25 feet, though when grown indoors or in containers, it remains much smaller. This palm prefers partial shade to indirect bright light. It can tolerate some direct sunlight, especially when it’s more mature, but younger plants will benefit from filtered or indirect light to prevent leaf burn. Like many palms, the Fishtail Palm prefers well-draining soil that is kept consistently moist. Given the right conditions, the Fishtail Palm will flourish, providing a lush, tropical ambiance and serving as a striking focal point in gardens or interior spaces.

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