Gold Mound


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Distinguished by its vibrant, chartreuse-yellow foliage, the Gold Mound Plant is a colorful cultivar of Duranta erecta. This evergreen shrub is frequently used to add a pop of color in gardens, serving as a contrast to more traditionally green landscapes. The Gold Mound Duranta has a moderate growth rate and typically reaches a manageable size of 2-3 feet in height, though it can grow taller if not periodically pruned. This plant shines brightest in full sunlight, which enhances its golden hue. However, it can also tolerate partial shade, though the foliage might lean more towards a greenish tint in less light. Preferring well-draining soil, the Gold Mound Duranta should be watered regularly but allowed to dry out between waterings. Overly saturated soil can lead to root rot, so it’s essential to find a balance in its watering routine. As a relatively low-maintenance plant, it responds well to pruning and can be shaped to fit specific landscaping designs. The Gold Mound Plant’s striking yellow-green leaves make it a favorite for gardeners looking to create a lively, contrasting backdrop or border. Its compact size also makes it suitable for container gardening. Whether incorporated into a broader garden tapestry or used as a standalone statement piece, this Duranta cultivar invariably adds zest and vibrancy to its surroundings.

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