Red Sister


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The Red Sister Plant, a vibrant cultivar of Cordyline fruticosa, is beloved for its richly colored leaves that imbue gardens with a touch of the tropics. This evergreen shrub, with its bold hues and architectural form, serves as an eye-catching focal point in various landscapes. Under favorable conditions, the Red Sister Plant showcases a moderate growth rate. In maturity, it usually reaches a height of 4-6 feet, although it can sometimes grow taller. To maintain its intense leaf coloration, the Red Sister Plant benefits from bright, indirect sunlight. It can handle some direct sun, but in very hot climates, it’s best to provide some shade during the sun’s peak intensity to prevent leaf scorch. This plant prefers evenly moist soil. The Red Sister Plant’s leaves are its standout feature, transitioning from a bright pink when young to deeper shades of burgundy and purple as they mature. To promote bushier growth and more vibrant coloration, consider occasional pruning. The Red Sister Plant’s bold color palette and striking form make it an ideal choice for those looking to infuse their gardens or interiors with a tropical ambiance. Whether planted as a solitary specimen, part of a colorful border, or housed in a decorative pot, its presence never goes unnoticed.

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