Green Arboricola


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Product images are for reference; the delivered plant will look different depending on the gallon chosen. Height estimates are overall. Ball of Ground price is starting from and depends on height. Ball of Ground heights are estimates; call to know sizes we have available.

Also commonly referred to as the “Umbrella Tree,” the Green Arboricola is a popular ornamental plant both for indoor and outdoor settings. Native to Taiwan and Hainan, this plant is favored for its glossy, green foliage and easy-going nature. The Green Arboricola boasts a moderate growth rate. When grown indoors, it typically reaches a height of 4-6 feet, but outdoor plants in optimal conditions can grow much taller. Indoors, the Green Arboricola prefers bright, indirect sunlight. If grown outdoors, it flourishes in dappled sunlight or partial shade. This plant prefers consistently moist soil, but it’s crucial to avoid overwatering.  The Green Arboricola is adaptable and resilient. However, it thrives in higher humidity. It’s relatively pest-resistant. The Green Arboricola’s dense, bushy growth and ability to be pruned into various shapes make it a versatile choice for gardeners and homeowners. Whether you’re looking for an indoor focal point or a green addition to a shaded garden, the Green Arboricola is a reliable and attractive choice.

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